SkyGrid, a Boeing, SparkCognition company, is powering the next generation of aviation. They are solving the industry’s biggest challenge integrating unmanned aircraft into complex, rapidly changing airspace. SkyGrid is defining a future where highly automated aircraft operate without the need for onboard pilots. They develop the safety-of-life approved flight operations management services for such aircraft to ensure operations of all participants in the air transportation system are safe and secure.

The SkyGrid team is looking for a Director of Assurance who will manage quality, safety, reliability, maintainability, cyber security, and certification organisations. This position reports directly to the CEO and ensures that company operating standards and product/program meet the assurance and certification standards. Ideal candidate will have a background in quality, safety, cyber security, or certification and are familiar with Quality Management System (QMS), Safety Management System (SMS), or Security Management System (SecMS) and associated standards such as AS9100 or NIST 800-53. You will be the principal owner of the processes, operating procedures, work instructions, enforcement for all things assurance and be a representative to the regulators. You will work closely with Engineering and Program organisations to define processes, methods, and enforce compliance.

Performance Objectives:

  • Develop QMS, SMS, SecMS within the first year
  • Ensure compliance at the product/program level per planning document
  • Manage teams and ensure staffing needs are identified
  • Manage and report assurance and certification risks and elevated for resolution in a timely manner


  • Develop and coordinate corporate level QMS, SMS, and SecMS through business pyramid
  • Develop company policies, operating procedures, and work instructions
  • Ensure audit process exists for compliance at company and product/program level
  • Able to understand regulatory standards and decipher level of compliance required
  • Identify company and program risks and communicate to relevant parties for timely resolution
  • Act as a principal contact to regulatory authorities for assurance and certification
  • Monitor new and novel standards that may be levied to the company or program
  • Act as a mentor to team members and managers
  • Hire and manage resources under assurance and certification organizations
  • Represent the voice of regulator internally
  • Represent SkyGrid at applicable industry organizations and events
  • Local candidate is preferred but remote employment will be considered. SkyGrid will issue all Full-time employees a laptop. Remote employees are responsible for acquiring any additional equipment


  • Bachelor’s degree in STEM, MBA, or higher
  • 10+ years of experience working in a highly technical, aerospace-related industry
  • 5+ years of experience in quality, safety, reliability and maintainability, cyber security or certification
  • Strong communication skills, self-driven, and capable of participating in regulatory focused discussions
  • Managed multiple teams and worked in multi-disciplinary teams
  • Familiar with Quality AS9100, Safety, Reliability and Maintainability ARP4761, Cyber Security NIST 800-53 or 800-171, or Certification 14 CFR Part 23, 25, 27 standards

Preferred Qualifications

  • Presenting concisely to large group of people including customers, regulatory authorities, internal technical groups, leadership team