Skyfront is looking for a UAV technician to join the Skyfront production team to assemble, prepare, repair and test fly the longest flying multirotor drones in the world. This is a challenging hands-on role.


  • Assemble drones from scratch
  • Create electrical and electronic subassemblies
  • Perform acceptance tests on subassemblies and parts from vendors
  • Recommend changes to the engineering team for ease of assembly

Required skills

  • Soldering experience (at least one year)
  • Exceptional attention to detail

Preferred skills

  • Experience putting together any type of aircraft, vehicle or robot (e.g., drones, full-sized aircraft, or cars)

What we offer you:

  • Learning opportunities in a high-demand, growing field (UAVs / drones) and in a rapidly growing company
  • The opportunity to change the aviation industry, set records and push the boundaries of flight
  • A meritocratic, yet collaborative work environment where excellence is recognized and rewarded
  • Competitive pay and PTO.

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Skyfront manufactures extreme endurance, hybrid-electric multirotor drones for heavy-duty commercial and defense applications. From critical surveillance missions, to unexploded ordnance detection, Skyfront drones are designed to fly for hours, far over the horizon, to monitor, detect, and explore for a fraction of the cost of a full-scale helicopter.

The Skyfront Perimeter 8 holds the multirotor drone flight time record: In 2021, the Perimeter flew for 13 hours and 4 minutes and traveled a distance of 205 miles.