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Our vision is to bring the future of autonomous drones operations into an urban area. With the aim of creating a real solution for Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM), we are developing a system based on AI, advanced algorithms, integrating multiple data sources as well as aviation & regulations rules. Airwayz aims to become a lead provider of management system for UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management) and drone fleets.

Like autonomous vehicles, drones are evolving beyond their military origin to become a strong vertical in various industries. Already today, drones are utilized in commercial and civil government applications. This provides opportunities for large-scale operations of drone fleets.

Our system is able to control, manage and utilize a heterogeneous drone fleet. Combining cloud based technology with de-centralize autonomous flight units, the technology 'mimics' the way traditional aviation operate and enable the drones to fly as sophisticated pilots with central Air control. With the system’s AI features such as autonomous flight modes, advanced mission planning and remote operation, an organization can now maximize the potential of its drones’ operation.

Our algorithms also allow safe operating within the airspace. with features such as De-confliction with other manned and unmanned traffic, geo-fencing and live updated information from ATC’s, the system can perform as a UTM, integrated to the aerial environment and synchronize with the authorities, unlocking advanced commercial uses for businesses.

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