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Archangel Imaging

Archangel Imaging deploys smart machines alongside people to protect valuable assets and at-risk staff in remote or challenging places.

Remote operations are difficult. Whether you are operating drone patrols over marine reserves or monitoring static energy infrastructure, your ability to succeed depends on the supporting infrastructure used to coordinate any response. Today’s machines are still mostly tools, not team mates.

Our smart devices can be retrofitted to other machines to make them smarter and more resilient in a changing environment, independent from any infrastructure. Our Argonaut™ AI cameras watch for poachers in Africa, oil thieves in South America or potential suicides on the European railways. Our GENIE™ navigation units enable any drone to independently navigate and complete missions without GPS signals.

We use the Cerebella™ mission management platform to gather best-in-class machines from an ever-increasing catalogue of partners and to integrate them into a human-centred workflow. Cerebella™ allows humans, AI, satellite analytics, robots, drones and IoT sensors to work together as part of a combined team in complex missions. These hybrid teams can respond faster and more effectively to safety or security threats over large remote areas.

Whether it’s cables being stolen, oil being tapped or elephants poached for ivory, we provide the ability for the security team to know before these incidents about to happen and immediately intervene or follow up.

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