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AUAV: Drone Services and Data Solutions

AUAV (Australian UAV Pty Ltd) is one of the leading providers of professional drone services throughout Australia and the Pacific, focussing on aerial mapping, survey and asset/infrastructure inspection.

Established by consulting scientists and engineers AUAV brings together skills in surveying, environmental science, civil engineering, certified inspectors and the technical skills to ensure reliable field work and data delivery in this exciting new field.

This unique mix of skills enables the highest level of service and professionalism in the delivery of aerial photographic and survey services.

Operating a modern fleet of fixed-wing and multi-rotor aircraft, and the ability to craft custom hardware and software solutions, AUAV has the tools available to meet the needs of our clients and the skills to interpret the collected data if required.

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Having proven the model for professional drone services and with a growing roster of Top 500 companies as our clients, AUAV is now looking for investment partners to assist with accelerating our growth throughout Australia and beyond.

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