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Drone Destination

Drone Destination, a sister-concern of DGCA-approved RPA Manufacturing company Hubblefly Technologies, aims to develop an integrated Drone Eco-System, built around manufacturing of drones, certified training, drone services, drone insurance, leasing, and financing. The Company is headquartered at New Delhi and is backed by a well-experienced team of Aviation & Drone Experts with a total experience of over 335 years.

The company has tied up with several Flight Training Organizations (FTO) pan-India to impart licensed and application-based trainings and develop an “Indian Drone Force” of skilled drone pilots in the country. Shortly, the company aims to develop its own multiple location training pods (facilities).

Drone Destination also plans to undertake several private and government drone-powered service projects catering to a plethora of India’s urgent requirements including survey and mapping to build land records/ provision of new infrastructure, asset inspection across railways, roadways, power and utilities sector, estimating and monitory mining resources, precision agriculture services for crop-yield management and health assessment, surveillance projects to address Disaster Management and many more.

The company will also support the industry by offering a range of drone insurance products, leasing and financing options. With regulatory framework reaching maturity, Drone Destination intends to develop new economic centers, generate large-scale employment, and establish a strong “Make In India” foothold in the burgeoning UAV Industry.

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