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Hubblefly Technologies

Hubblefly Technologies is an India-based start-up, which aims to develop an integrated Drone Eco-System, built around designing, manufacturing, training & UAV-powered services.

The Company is headquartered at New Delhi, and is backed by a well-experienced team of Aviation & Drone Experts with a total experience of over 335 years. Hubblefly is one of the front-runners to have received Government-approval and authorization for its NPNT-compliant Micro Drone, "Starlite." The company is awaiting approvals for three other models including a Small Quadcopter, Fixed Wing Electric VTOL, and another Consumer Micro Drone.

With regulatory framework getting in place, we intent to develop new economic centers, generate large-scale employment and establish a strong “Make In India” foothold in the burgeoning UAV Industry.

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