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ideaForge is the pioneer and the pre-eminent market leader in the Indian unmanned aircraft systems (“UAS”) market. In India, the company has the largest operational deployment of indigenous UAVs, with an ideaForge-manufactured drone taking off every five minutes for surveillance and mapping. Our customers have completed over 300,000 flights using our UAVs. According to a report published in December 2022 by Drone Industry Insights, ideaForge ranked 7th globally in the dual-use category (civil and defense) drone manufacturers.

ideaForge UAVs are equipped with industry-leading specifications and capabilities that are comparable to those of other well-established global players in the UAV industry. Our indigenous design and technological ability to invent, design, and deliver customer-centric offerings enable us to design, develop, engineer, and manufacture our UAVs in-house while maintaining control over performance, reliability, and autonomy.

ideaForge's UAV platforms are designed with a 'mission first' approach, i.e., to deliver UAVs that meet our customers' needs and that, we believe, can reliably sustain a large number of flights and can be operated autonomously without special skills or training. In addition to being one of the first few players in India to enter the UAV market, ideaForge was the first company in India to develop and manufacture vertical take-off and landing ("VTOL") UAVs in 2009. The company has industry-leading product portfolios aimed at civil and defense applications (dual use).

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