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ISS Aerospace

ISS is a developer of autonomous aerial systems. We
integrate our technologies and those of our partners into
systems that can make a transformational improvement to
the cost effectiveness and safety of clients’ operations.

Our focus is on the Energy, Defence and Environmental
sectors, which share similar challenges. We have undertaken
projects worldwide, including in Papua New Guinea; USA,
Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Chile and across Europe. We work
on feasibility studies, rapid prototyping, the development of
operational capability as well as providing services across the
board. We can also advise on the rapidly changing regulatory

Our projects include: seismic deployment with Total
METIS, UXO and ERW mapping; trace gas detection;
photogrammetry and DTM; linear infrastructure inspection
systems; wind turbine inspection, defence decoy and
counter measures systems; aircraft fuselage inspection; and
surveillance systems in Europe.

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