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Marut Drones

We are India's leading Industrial Drone Manufactures based out of Hyderabad, India. Our drones are known for their power and functional brilliance.

Our Popular drones that are winning accolades in the market,

Agricopter - India’s 1st scientific aerial precision agriculture solution in Agri Automation and Agri Intelligence - 10k+ Acres sprayed; 30+ Chemicals tested and 220+ Days of R&D trials in India.

Hepicopter - Long range delivery drone with heavy payloads. Recorded longest BVLOS delivery in India of 42Kms and 1000+ flights across 4 states.

Seedcopter - Drops seed balls for afforestation and Hara Bahara - to accelerate the mission of reforestation through the planting of one billion trees using drones by 2030 in the country.. Planted 50 lakh+ seedballs in 2021 and Planting 1 crore seedballs in 2022.

Marut ZAP- India’s 1st Mosquito Eradication Drone and Disease prediction for Malaria and Dengue. Covered 1 Lakh+ Acres in India and Impacted 1Mn+ lives.

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