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We are #1 Drone Service Provider (DSP) in Romania that offers custom professional inspection services via industrial grade drones in a large area of fields: oil & gas, construction, energy (solar sites and wind energy), telecom, mining & construction. We already operate in Eastern Europe (Hungary, Romania, Kosovo, Serbia & Bulgaria) and continuously expanding.

Our key drivers for success:
- reduce inspection cycle
- improve safety and reduce risk
- better data consistency, quality and transparency
- cost reduction

Our strong recommendation:
- certified pilots for flying, thermography missions and confined spaces
- compliance with all necessary Regulation and Certification
- proper insurance for 1.3 MEUR
- proved experience in industrial sector
- state-of-the-art technology

Our detailed services:
- 3D reconstruction
- photogrammetric mapping
- DSM&DTM, contour lines
- confined & structure inspection
- measure & volume calculation
- thermal inspection
- UT measurements
- photovoltaic inspections
- super-zoom inspection
- real-time inspection

Jobs offered by SKYLINE DRONES