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Unisphere is a recognised leader in operations management for unmanned and electrified aviation. Their expertise lies in automated flight operations and technology-driven approaches to managing operational and weather-related risks.

At the heart of their technology advancements is the Smart 4D Trajectory, which is the technological backbone for the automation of human tasks in flight operations for higher levels of safety and efficiency.

Unisphere was founded in 2017, based on the unique experience of operating electrically powered and semi-autonomous aircraft. A large part of their core team, including Christoph Schlettig and Michael Anger (former Solar Impulse flight directors), who founded Unisphere, previously worked on the Solar Impulse project, the first solar-powered aircraft to fly around the world in 2015/2016, demonstrating that electric aviation is possible and shares many similarities with today’s drone and eVTOL business.

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