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Unmanned Helicopters

Unmanned Helicopters is a drone company that creates new generation of drones - unmanned helicopters.

Manufactured as industrial-grade machines, our drones provide long flight time, high payload capacity, and resistance to harsh weather conditions. Unlike fixed-wing aircraft, they take off and land vertically, fly fast or hover. We equip them with the task-specific payloads to obtain the required data or transport cargo. This way our helicopter drones become perfect tools for businesses across industries including energy, telecom, precision agriculture, insurance, etc.

We operate as a full-cycle company that designs and manufactures both hardware and software, and also does customization and aerial services.

Unmanned Helicopters headquartered in Austria with production facilities in Poland but operates our drones much farther: over the EU, Switzerland, the UK, and Ireland. We are open to collaborations to expand this geography in the capacity of drone manufacturer, integration company, or drone-as-a-service provider.

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