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Customer Support

Manna Drone Delivery designs and builds their own aviation-grade drones to deliver food and other items directly from restaurants, centralised kitchens and local stores to consumers’ homes. Their Customer Support Team works behind the scenes on their Manna interfaces to make sure that any customer who has a Manna-related issue is turned into a happy, repeat customer. As Manna scales their operations, they need a new Customer Support person to respond to all their customers in a timely fashion, resolving the issue if it's Manna's responsibility or directing them to the vendor with which they need to liaise.
Posted: 2024-06-14
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Munich, Bavaria

Senior Reward Manager

Lilium is a German aerospace company that is building radically better ways of moving with its Lilium Jet, an electrically powered personal air vehicle capable of VTOL flight. They are looking for a new Senior Reward Manager, who will be involved in a wide range of compensation related topics. This person will act as Programme Manager for the Compensation Cycle, responsible for scheduling and resource utilisation, communication with the People function and business leaders and more.
Posted: 2024-06-11
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