Despite the already big hype around drones, the industry is just getting started. As the number of drone companies grows, so do the available jobs, which is amazing for anyone already working in the industry or those trying to get in.

For the past few years, there was no centralised platform for drone-related jobs until DroneTalks, the mother company, launched a job portal catering to companies and job seekers alike.

Meet DroneTalks Jobs, the job portal where industry and talent can find each other. Drawing from a large network and many years of experience, the founders of DroneTalks and Murzilli Consulting have created a place where companies can choose from three different packages to post new positions and gain visibility.

In the video above, Co-founder and CEO of DroneTalks, Eszter Kovacs, introduces five companies and their open positions on the platform: 

The positions are as varied as the companies themselves–from full-time to part-time, hybrid and internships, there's something for everyone. Marketing, Business Development, Piloting, Engineering–the drone industry has a large and growing need for professionals from various backgrounds.

The job portal is an absolute necessity given the current and projected future state of the industry. Once an improbable dream for most, working with drones is now a reality and DroneTalks Jobs is the platform where this reality is made visible and accessible.

Advantages for job seekers and companies

The portal saves job seekers time they would otherwise have spent searching for drone-related jobs across various platforms. Because they can upload their resume so companies registered on the platform notice them, job seekers can be approached by whatever company searches for their skillset. 

For employers, the DroneTalks Jobs platform is a great opportunity to not only post new positions but also increase their visibility in the job market and the industry as a whole. Also, based on the purchased package, a company will get quality exposure and marketing from a team of experts in the field. The three available packages and the included services can be found here.

image showing three different packages available for purchase: Silver, Gold or Platinum

So, if you're a drone company, then visit DroneTalks Jobs and profit from our expertise. We have a large database at DroneTalks and if you get one of our packages, we will post your jobs on social media, we do branding and write a blog (or more) about you to introduce your company. If you purchase the best package, there will even be a C-Level talk to further raise your profile.

This will make you stand out from other companies who only post a dry job description and help your image because we'll share the benefits of your company culture to make you appealing to potential job seekers.