So, you're one of the many exciting drone companies out there and you need to find the right people to grow. However, you find that because every start-up and company in the drone ecosystem is 'cool' and cutting-edge, it's not easy to stand out as a good employer.  

As with other highly technical or specialised industries, finding the perfect employee is tricky and might only get more challenging over time. Just being an exciting new drone company isn't enough to convince the right talent to work for you. Therefore, employer branding needs to be addressed, which is where DroneTalks Jobs comes in.

The new job platform, launched by the mother company, DroneTalks, offers you not just the ability to post new positions but also present yourself–what you do, what you stand for and why you're a great company to work at. To do that, DroneTalks Jobs offers companies different packages to achieve that goal. 

Every company that purchases one of the packages gets to put up a profile where they can present themselves with text and photos and share links to their website and social media. Additionally, depending on the package purchased, DroneTalks Jobs will mention the company in their monthly newsletter, post on social media about them, write blogs and will even offer a C-Level talk.

What makes you a great drone company to work at?

Now you know how DroneTalks Jobs will present you depending on the package you choose. However, how to actually be a good company to work at is something entirely different and needs to be thought through.

Just as many drone companies focus too much on building a good drone without thinking about which problem it's supposed to solve, so do many not consider what makes working with them a great choice.

It's important to ask yourself questions, such as, which problem are we solving, how are we solving it, how are people and the environment benefiting from it and how can we achieve success while also growing as a team? As a drone company, you need answers to these and more questions before you decide to be visible on and promoted with DroneTalks Jobs. 

The better you understand your company in that way, the better DroneTalks Jobs can help you with employer branding. That way, you'll stand out, not just for the amazing things you do but also for how amazing it is to work at your company. This will attract the right people and in turn, help you become an even better drone company.

So, don't hesitate and visit DroneTalks Jobs and see how much support you want to achieve strong employer branding. Choose from one of the three options and become part of the DroneTalks Jobs family of amazing companies!

Are you a decision-maker?

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