What does Auterion do?

Auterion is a cutting-edge operating system for autonomous computing that empowers a diverse range of autonomous robots to perform high-risk to mundane tasks, deliver goods, and aid in life-saving missions. Our industry-leading software drives the adoption of robotic fleets and is recognised by the U.S. government as the future standard for its drone program. Join the Auterion movement and experience the power of next-generation computing.

Why is it great to work for Auterion?

Auterion is a fantastic young company going from strength to strength. We recently celebrated our 5th anniversary as we enter the scale-up phase. We have a world-class team working on building a cutting-edge operating system for autonomous computing that empowers a diverse range of autonomous robots to perform high-risk to mundane tasks, deliver goods, and aid in life-saving missions.

We have an international and diverse team, growing and improving each quarter. Talented engineers from all over the world help to deliver the next generation of operating software and computing. 

We also offer flexible working hours & a hybrid workplace, stock options, generous holiday allowance, pension plan, company car for private use (Switzerland only), enhanced maternity & paternity leave, mental health and wellbeing support, learning and development opportunities and regular team socials.

Can you share a few events your team participated in?  

We recently attended the ETH Zurich Kontaktparty 2023 in Switzerland. This was a careers day for the students of the university. We had a myriad of students attend our booth with valuable questions and managed to spark a real buzz about our business. Following this, we hosted an after-party the month after, where we welcomed top students to a more intimate event to discuss the business, the teams, the roles and their potential futures with us. 

How is the company culture?

The company culture is best explained as connected, collaborative and progressive. We all band together to achieve our goals, and every employee helps each other. We have a flat hierarchy, which gives each individual a real sense of belonging and value. Employee retention is a top priority for us. When building an extremely talented team, it is important to recognise the overall contribution of teams and individuals, we frequently praise each other, which of course, gives a great sense of achievement and respect. Our young and dynamic team will welcome you with open arms, open ears and open minds. 

Why is it different working for Auterion compared to other software companies?

As a business, we are now entering the scale-up phase, so naturally, there is a lot going on! We are seeing substantial growth in all areas of the business, including projects we are working on, clients coming on board, and of course, teams growing. Being a leader in the drone space, it is important for us to set an example within the industry. We do this by combining the best talent from around the globe whilst also maintaining a fantastic company culture, whether that be in our offices or for our remote workers.

About Auterion

Auterion is a company that provides software solutions for the mobile robotics industry. They aim to make deployments more cost-effective by enabling autonomous capabilities at scale. The software they developed allows their customers to manage connected and autonomous fleets of drones in the air and on the ground, facilitating various applications such as data collection, cargo delivery and ISR missions.

The company has been involved in the open-source movement in the mobile robotics sector since when the founder created PX4 in 2011, which is an open-source flight controller for drones and other unmanned vehicles. This flight controller remains a key component of the company's offerings.

Auterion strongly emphasises open source, common standards and ethical practices. They strive to promote standards that help scale the drone industry while adhering to a strict code of ethics. This includes a commitment not to develop weaponised technologies.

The leadership team at Auterion is composed of professionals from various backgrounds who share a common interest in advancing the drone and automation industries. Established in 2017, Auterion was founded to ensure a sustainable and scalable future for the PX4 project. This focus on maintaining the open-source ecosystem and supporting companies in adopting it for their products and services is central to the company's growth.

Auterion is always looking for talented individuals to join their team as they continue to work on shaping the future of drones and automation.

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