In this interview, Eszter Kovacs, the Co-founder and CEO of DroneTalks answers questions about DroneTalks everyday life and explains why DroneTalks is different to work at. 

Eszter Kovacs - DroneTalks

Q: What does DroneTalks do? 

A: DroneTalks is a global community focusing on drones, and our team members are passionate about technology, regulations, business, and marketing.  Our mission is to inform and educate. We welcome people from every discipline and culture interested in learning more about the drone ecosystem. We offer webinars, training courses, marketing/PR services, run events and even have an industry-focused job portal.

Q: Why is it great to work for DroneTalks? 

A: We are a diverse team of drone and aviation specialists and we love communicating about the drone industry. The company’s headquarters are in the beautiful city of Bern, Switzerland, where we meet regularly. We offer the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world. The team also gets together in a new country four times a year to brainstorm new projects and have fun! The company is growing fast which offers possibilities for career development.

Q: Can you share a few events your team participated in?  

A: We participate in major events every year and in 2022 we went to The Amsterdam Drone Week, The World ATM congress in Madrid, The Commercial UAV Show in Las Vegas and many more. 

After going to all these events, we wanted to create our own different one, and this is where Aerial Cities was born. It’s a unique event where prominent drone industry decision-makers such as founders, regulators, governments, and investors meet once a year.  

We made it invitation-only so we could select the right people and keep the number of guests limited to favour networking. The first edition of Aerial Cities was in November 2022. From the attendance and feedback we have received, it was a huge success!

Q: How is the company culture? 

A: Our company culture is collaborative, honest, inclusive and flexible. We are growing fast and hired 6 new people in 2022 but we remain like a family and help each other achieve our goals.

Q: Why is it different to work for DroneTalks than other media platforms? 

A: The drone industry is a complex one and it is also growing rapidly. The knowledge required to be able to work for DroneTalks is advanced and it is not common to find drone experts who are also marketing and communications professionals. Other media platforms may not have these requirements as they focus on industries which are already established and less complex. Being part of DroneTalks is exciting as the work is fast-paced and we learn everyday. We also get to meet all the influential people in the industry. 

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