Matternet is on a mission to make access to goods as frictionless and universal as access to information. Every day we move closer to achieving this mission as we expand our drone logistics networks around the world. In Switzerland, Matternet has set up the world’s first urban drone delivery routes for medical transportation and has conducted more than 20,000 commercial flights. With its drone “airline” Matternet provides essential logistic services to hospitals and laboratories in Switzerland on a daily basis.

About the job

Matternet is seeking an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Remote Pilot to join the team and monitor operations within these networks.

You will be responsible for remotely monitoring the drone network operations in Switzerland from Matternet's Mission Control Center in Dübendorf. You will monitor and manage the weather, the separation between Matternet aircraft and other aircraft, communicate effectively with the team, and make safe for flight decisions. You will be responsible for creating procedures and technical documentation across the drone airline and be required to have a strong background in aviation safety. Occasional travel may be necessary. You will not only work as a Remote Pilot but be part of defining commercial drone operations as a whole.


  • Safely supervise flight operations from Matternet Mission Control center in Dübendorf near Zurich, following the safety concepts defined in the Flight Operations manuals
  • Make fly or no-fly decisions according to procedures, observations, and experience
  • Manage and coordinate communications with onsite Matternet operators
  • Monitor the system and, when determined necessary, take action to maintain safety
  • Interface directly with customers and Air Traffic Control (ATC) when necessary
  • Be knowledgeable in Matternet’s technology stack, understanding the impact of proposed technology changes to flight operations
  • Provide valuable feedback. Report issues and lessons learned to participate in new technology development
  • Contribute to the improvement of operational procedures and safety management systems specifically towards standardization
  • Strong contribution to the general development of the airline


  • Aviation Experience (ATCO license, CPL license, Flight Dispatcher or equivalent knowledge/experience)
  • Experience following checklists and procedures in high-stress environments incl a track record of reliable and responsible performance
  • Excellent technical writing skills
  • Ability to troubleshoot issues with remote technical support
  • Structured problem-solving attitude
  • Experience remaining adaptable and flexible to changing priorities
  • Flexibility in working times either due to operations schedule or due to time difference with US HQ
  • English proficiency (fluent)
  • German proficiency (fluent)
  • Valid residence permit in Switzerland or citizenship in EU-28/EFTA states

Great Additions

  • Strong aviation safety background
  • Extensive knowledge of EASA and FAA regulations
  • Italian or French language skills
  • Radiotelephony certificate
  • EASA Drone License or general RC experience