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Employer branding as a drone company done right

January 26, 2023
So, you're one of the many exciting drone companies out there and you need to find the right people to grow. However, you find that

Amazing new positions on DroneTalks Jobs

January 26, 2023
Despite the already big hype around drones, the industry is just getting started. As the number of drone companies grows, so do the available jobs,

Working at DroneTalks

December 22, 2022
In this interview, Eszter Kovacs, the Co-founder and CEO of DroneTalks answers questions about DroneTalks everyday life and explains why DroneTalks is different to work

DroneTalks launches DroneTalks Jobs

December 02, 2022
Switzerland-based DroneTalks, an online platform designed to share ideas and educate, today announced DroneTalks Jobs, a new job portal serving the drone industry by helping companies and

The drone market in 2022, an industry full of opportunities

November 17, 2022
The drone industry is thriving, and there has never been a better time to find work in this market. As more companies start using drone