I am jack of all trades and master of none. But still better than the master of one. I seek job as a Project/Program Manager within the aerospace industry. My background comes from Aerospace Testing where I have been involved in testing and certification inside of a rotorcraft division. On my strong sides I would distinguish broad knowledge of both electrical and mechanical engineering part and strong ability to build innovation based operational management systems where the management system achieves the control of the process by awarding useful and important processes and deregulating unnecessary and unimportant parts of the project structure.

Highly skilled technology professional with 20+ years of program management, sales, and strategic technology business expertise. Proven track record in designing, executing, and managing complex projects, emphasizing the role of technology in achieving business objectives. Exceptional leadership skills, delivering superior outcomes with meticulous attention to detail. Known for a proactive work approach, consistently exceeding expectations in fast-paced environments. Experience in the MEA region and three years of drone technologies experience in the MEA region.

A procurement professional with project management experience gained over 20+ years. Ability to set and achieve goals while contributing to company growth. Ready to continue career and gain more knowledge and understanding of the industry

Drone Technology Ecosystem Builder, Consultant, Technologist and Evengalist

I have been a drone operator for 6 years, I am also an instructor in this field. In over 6 years I have gained experience as a cameraman, photographer, instructor and by performing drone inspections. As I value personal development, I would like to expand your knowledge in the field of clean renewable energy related to wind turbines and related technologies.

Hi, my name is Brad Duncan and I have been involved with drones in some form for about 3 years now. I have experience with a DJI Matrice 300 RTK, a Skydio 2, and with fixed wing RC planes. I have been formally trained to fly the Commaris Seeker.

I have experience doing OGI inspections, 2D/3D mapping, and methane laser inspections. I love to learn more about using sUAS technology and am interested in broadening my experience if I would fit well with your organization.

I am married and have 2 boys. I like to explore the world with them whenever I have free time. I also enjoy anything to do with history, archaeology, college football, or even 1 or 2 video games.

I am experienced technical leader. My primary skills are in communication, project management, and marketing. I also am trained in avionics and reliability.

You can see samples of my work at: www.jimbuildstech.com

With 20+ years of experience as a Business Development expert in the field of ICT, I am focused in the last four years on the UAS sector too. With my own companies, Omega Connections in Austria (www.omega-connections.net) and Albadron in Albania (www.albadron.com), I am well-informed and connected with the UAS, UAM, and UTM industries. As a member of UAVDACH and other organisations, I am in connection with the most active and essential stakeholders of the industry. My focus is consulting and training.