Drone Technology Ecosystem Builder, Consultant, Technologist and Evengalist

I have been a drone operator for 6 years, I am also an instructor in this field. In over 6 years I have gained experience as a cameraman, photographer, instructor and by performing drone inspections. As I value personal development, I would like to expand your knowledge in the field of clean renewable energy related to wind turbines and related technologies.

Hi, my name is Brad Duncan and I have been involved with drones in some form for about 3 years now. I have experience with a DJI Matrice 300 RTK, a Skydio 2, and with fixed wing RC planes. I have been formally trained to fly the Commaris Seeker.

I have experience doing OGI inspections, 2D/3D mapping, and methane laser inspections. I love to learn more about using sUAS technology and am interested in broadening my experience if I would fit well with your organization.

I am married and have 2 boys. I like to explore the world with them whenever I have free time. I also enjoy anything to do with history, archaeology, college football, or even 1 or 2 video games.

I am experienced technical leader. My primary skills are in communication, project management, and marketing. I also am trained in avionics and reliability.

You can see samples of my work at: www.jimbuildstech.com

With 20+ years of experience as a Business Development expert in the field of ICT, I am focused in the last four years on the UAS sector too. With my own companies, Omega Connections in Austria (www.omega-connections.net) and Albadron in Albania (www.albadron.com), I am well-informed and connected with the UAS, UAM, and UTM industries. As a member of UAVDACH and other organisations, I am in connection with the most active and essential stakeholders of the industry. My focus is consulting and training.

Drone believer
Are you looking for a dreamer and a passionate person? Here I am!

With my experience at Aerospace Valley as an urban air mobility project manager following my experience at the DGAC, the French ANSP, I am very interested in project management opportunities in the UTM sector.